Our Services

Every individual our financial advisors meet has different needs and requirements that can be met by a wide variety of financial vehicles. Provident Financial Group has the experience and expertise to assist you in identifying the appropriate tool(s) and to implement a financial strategy that will help pursue your goals. 

Our process for working with you is simple and straightforward, and we meticulously follow it to avoid missing your objectives or opportunity for financial gain. We follow four simple steps that others may tout, but very few follow.

Step 1 - Understand your financial objectives
Our process begins by learning your goals and assessing your tolerance for risk, current resources, and liabilities. Then we work with you to identify the appropriate time for each financial objective.

Step 2 - Develop a financial strategy
Provident Financial Group's experienced financial advisors are trained to identify the appropriate financial vehicles to help target your goals. We then piece together short- and long-term strategies that meet your specific needs. Finally, we detail a plan so you understand how each financial vehicle will work.

Step 3 - Plan the implementation
Once you are comfortable with the financial strategy we've prepared, we begin to implement the specific recommendations.

Step 4 - Monitor/report/modify
Once our plan is implemented, the real work begins. Provident Financial Group closely monitors each vehicle's progress toward meeting your financial objectives. We report that progress to you as appropriate and make recommendations to modify the strategy as necessary to meet your individual financial needs.

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